NTI PGDE Questions for Mathematics

Questions & Answers
for Mathematics

NTI PgDE Questions for Mathematics contains past questions and answers from the following years: 2019/2020, 2016, 2015, etc

Year 2020

3(a) Explain manipulative materials

REFER TO PDE 715 MTH Pg 29. Details are contained therein

PRICE: NGN250 ONLY for ALL the YEARS listed above

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Year 2016

2 a) Explain the concept of “Lesson Plan”.

Lesson plan is a preparation well ahead of time so that the teacher may be adequately informed on the possible problems that may arise and to source for necessary teaching materials before the lessons are taught.
Lesson plan is a planned amount of subject matter and learning experiences which the teacher communicates to the learners showing details of how the instruction will take place within a lesson period. It has two kinds, namely: unit plan and daily plan.

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