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Grammatical Structure in English Language

Give an outline of five (5) steps to follow in teaching grammatical structure and explain three (3) of them.

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The five (5) steps to be followed are:
a) Step 1: Presentation.
b) Step 2: Introduction.
c) Step 3: Practice/Classroom activity.
d) Step 4: Reinforcement.
e) Step 5: Evaluation.

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Year 2019

Year 2017 (Q6) Define writing and explain the stages involved in writing. (25 marks)

Writing involves putting down in a continuous set of sentences, ideas or feelings that are real or imagined.
i. Early or beginning stage: The learner may concentrate on letter formation. He or she learns to differentiate between lower or upper cases.
ii. Intermediate stage and advance stage: Students are trained to master writing as a craft. These stages reveal that every theme or subject matter requires its own form or writing or presentation.

Year 2016 (Q1) Explain the following: a) Language; b) Learning; and c) Theories

Language: This is a characteristic with which every human being is endowed or blessed. It is used naturally as one toll of expression consisting different sub-skills language teaching is organized according to sub-skills. These sub-skills are in the area of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Learning: Is a change in behavior brought about by some systematic acquisition of facts, concepts, skills, etc. it leads to the acquisition of knowledge. Learning enlarges one’s mental powers and is a visible source of empowerment. Formal learning is conducted in a school environment.
Theories: These are assumptions, based on a hypothesis. The hypothesis is usually tested through the collection of some data. The data are usually analysised to ensure that the claims of the theory can be tested, verified and replicated or repeated elsewhere.

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