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Group Dynamic Process

Discuss five (5) rules of group dynamic process.

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i. Members are to avoid any drug during or before the meeting.
ii. Members are expected to be punctual and regular to meeting.
iii. Members should not engage in any illicit sexual relationship with the opposite sex in the group.

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2021 (Q4) Practicum is considered as one of the important elements in vocational education. Justify this statement by explaining the objectives of Practicum.

YEAR2019 Q1. In Group Dynamics, what are the purposes and goals of forming a group according to UNESCO?
A counselling group must have a purpose depending on the nature of the problem. Some of the purposes and goals of forming a group according to UNESCO (2000) include the following : Check YEAR 2022 Q1
a) To grow in self-acceptance and learn not to demand perfection.
b) To learn how to trust oneself and others.
c) To foster self-knowledge and the development of a unique self-identity.
d) To lessen fears of intimacy, and learn to reach out to those who would like to be closer to you.
e) To become aware of choice and to make choice wisely.
f) To become more sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
g) To clarify values and decide whether, and how to modify them to find ways of understanding and resolving personal problems

2016 (Q4 B) Discuss the importance of confidentiality in counseling

    1. It helps to build and develop trust.
    2. It helps the continuity of counseling.
    3. It prevents the interference of a third party.
    4. It allows for the free flow of information between the client and counselor.
    5. It creates a safe space for clients to talk about anything and everything that concerns them.
    6. It helps to acknowledge that a client’s personal life and all issues and problems that they have belong to him.

2012 (Q1 A) Define counseling process

Counseling process is defined as series of stages gone through by the counselor to help the client understand and/or solve a problem. The process of arriving at a solution may take some time (sessions) before the desired goal is achieved. (PDE 714 P123)

2011 (Q1 A) Analyse the basics of counseling practicum component

Counselling practicum is usually regarded as a learning experience with growth potential where the student learns about his strengths and weaknesses in his counselling skills (Gesinde, 1991).
This period also helps the student-counsellor to correct himself when mistakes are made before his practice as a professional. (PDE 714 P170) Practicum Experience Kindly watch the video on My Practicum Experience| School Counselor edition.

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