Adult and Non-Formal Education PDE721

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NTI PgDE Past Questions and Answers by Years for

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Adult and Non-Formal Education PDE 721 Past Questions and Answers

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ACTIVITY Questions from PDE 721 Module

2021 (Q3) Apprenticeship system is considered as one of the methods of Adult Education. Justify this statement with concrete examples


YEAR2019 Q1. Discuss any five (5) goals and purposes of Adult and Non-formal Education in contemporary Nigeria.
Note that when an adult does not see immediate gain or knowledge, he/she is likely to leave the programme. Thus, the goals and purposes of adult and non–formal education in contemporary Nigerian society, as in many other societies of the world should be to contribute to … Check YEAR 2021 Q5, YEAR 2016 Q1, YEAR 2015 Q4

2016 (Q4 B) Discuss the importance of confidentiality in counseling

    1. It helps to build and develop trust.
    2. It helps the continuity of counseling.
    3. It prevents the interference of a third party.
    4. It allows for the free flow of information between the client and counselor.
    5. It creates a safe space for clients to talk about anything and everything that concerns them.
    6. It helps to acknowledge that a client’s personal life and all issues and problems that they have belong to him.

2014 (Q1 A) What is rural development?

Rural development is the overall improvement in the lot of persons who do not dwell in the cities or urban areas.

In other words, it is concerned with improving the infrastructures in the rural areas, touching the occupations of the people concerned and also affects aspects of their lives.

2013 (Q1 A) Explain the concept of Adult Education

The concept of adult education has different meaning to different scholars as seen below.

    • It means all facets of education for those who have left primary and secondary schools.
    • It is the basic literacy education for adults.
    • It is the learning experience designed for adult irrespective of content, level and methods used.
    • It is the education that is consciously planned for the adult who do not have access to formal education.
    • It embraces learning undertaken voluntarily by people in their mature years.
    • It includes mass education, community development, vocational training and basic education aimed at training the adults for his/her duties as a citizen of his/her state

2013 (Q1 B) Give brief explanation of lifelong education using relevant examples

Kindly watch the video on Lifelong Learning.

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