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Educational Management and Planning PDE 713 Past Questions and Answers

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Traditional Concept of Management

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Discuss the traditional concept of management. PDE713 Pg 3.
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ACTIVITY Questions from PDE 713 Module

2021 (Q1) 1 As a teacher trainee, justify the reasons why knowledge of Educational Management and Planning is essential for you.

2019 Q4. Discuss five (5) major reasons that can lead to teachers’ termination of appointment.

As the personnel department is the first point of contact with the school system, so it is the last point of contact. There will be a case for termination of an appointment, if a staff is found to be disloyal to his employers or to neglect his responsibilities. A teacher’s appointment can be terminated for the following : Check YEAR 2022 Q4, YEAR 2021 Q6, YEAR 2016 Q3b, YEAR 2011 Q6b
PDE713 Pg 18
a) Immoral behaviour
b) Commission of felony
c) Drunkenness
d) Repeated failure to comply with official directives
e) Physical or mental incapacity
f) Continual neglect of duties

2017 (Q2 A) Briefly explain the task-oriented and people-oriented leadership style. (10 marks)

Task-oriented style: It is job-oriented, production-centred and boss-centred. In task-oriented leadership, emphasis is placed on the work. Good relation is only incidental or an afterthought. This style emphasizes the attainment of goals, rules and regulations. This style agrees with the assumptions of Theory X. (PDE 713 P29).
For people-oriented leadership style, kindly watch the video to understand McGregor’s Theory X & Y.

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2016 (Q1 A) What is Economics of Education? (5 marks)

    • Economics of education is a study of human behaviour (in terms of human decisions, actions and reactions) about schooling.
    • It focuses on the allocation of scarce and substitutable resources available for education and training.
    • It is an applied economics which involves the application of economic terms, concepts, principles and laws in the process of producing, financing, distributing and consuming educational goods and services.

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2014 (Q4 A) Schools complain of disparity in the proportional ratio between teachers and students. Discuss any six (6) ways of effective utilizing the teachers in schools for successful achievement of the goals of the school

      1. Incentives: Organisational incentives are rewards that will enhance high productivity on the part of the teacher.
      2. Availability of facilities: The utilization of teachers is dependent on the availability of school material. in most schools in Nigeria, the facilities are grossly inadequate. School facilities are essential in order to make effective use of teachers towards the achievement of the school goals.
      3. Self-development: To achieve effective utilization of the teachers, teachers should be given opportunity to go in for in-service training for self-development.
      4. Mutual understanding between superior and subordinates: Cordial relationship is essential if the school Head teacher wants to properly utilize his/her teachers.
      5. Appraisal process: The performance appraisal may be taken to mean the process of assessing the personnel to arrive at judgements about the performance of an individual in the school system.
      6. Security of tenure: Teachers should be protected against arbitrary treatment. They should be ensured of continuing employment.

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2013 (Q3 B) List five (5) educational significance of school extra-curricular activities in our educational system of Nigeria.

1. To make the students recognize the dignity of labour.
2. To give the students freedom of thought, expression and action.
3. To enable students develop their personal talents fully.
4. To train the students in the art of leadership behavior.

2011 (Q6 A) Explain the concept of personnel management.

Personnel administration in a school system means getting qualified Personnel to provide Instructional services necessary for the achievement of the school goals and objectives (Aderounmu and Ehiametalor, 1981).

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