Transportation in Nigeria


Topic: Transportation in Nigeria
Learning Objectives – At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1 Give two reasons for which air transportation may be preferred to other modes of transportation. (SSCE 2019, Q3a)
2 State four limitations of air transportation. (SSCE 2019, Q3b)  

3 Identify various ways in which the limitations of air transportation can be solved. (SSCE 2019, Q3c)
4 Write a geographical account of road transportation under the following headings: (a) three advantages; (b) three disadvantages; (c) four contributions to development (SSCE 2019, Q9)
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5 Identify four ocean routes used in the world trade. (SSCE 2018, Q3a)
6 State four ways in which water transportation has contributed to economic developments. (SSCE 2018, Q3b)

7 Outline four ways of improving transportation on inland waterways. (SSCE 2018, Q3c)
8 List four modes of transportation. (SSCE 2018, Q8a)

9 Identify four constraints to inland water navigation. (SSCE 2018, Q8b)
10 List four ways in which the constraints to inland water navigation can be solved. (SSCE 2018, Q8c)

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