Channels of Distribution


Topic: Channels of Distribution
Instructional Objectives – At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1 Explain the concept “normal chain of distribution”. (SSCE 2014 Q7a)
2 State any three functions of middlemen in the chain of distribution. (SSCE 2014 Q7b)

3 Highlight any four problems involved in the distribution of goods in West Africa. (SSCE 2014 Q7c)
4 Outline the chain of distribution for manufactured consumer goods. (SSCE 2009 Q4a)
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5 Explain the functions of the (i) wholesaler; (ii) retailer. (SSCE 2009 Q4b)
6 Define capital goods. (SSCE 2005 Q3a)

7 Explain the problems associated with the distribution of goods in your country. (SSCE 2005 Q3b)

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