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You need a website for your business and designing websites a nightmare to you? Or are you wondering how to design a professional website for your clients?

You are not alone in such loop of thoughts because websites aren’t simple things, especially if you have a craving for professional websites that are responsive, well optimised for mobile, easy to use, SEO and Social Web optimised, have clear calls to action, readily accessible contact and trusted by users.

In addition, the design needs to look great! Customers need to be able to navigate it easily. You need to optimize it for search engines. And more importantly, you need to protect it from spammers.

The list goes on. So how do you manage to do all these things and more?. Just contact us or get a quote online.

But if you are a developer, you will not hesitate to use professional elements that will increase your effectiveness and help you achieve that great website for your clients. Some of these elements are discussed as follows.

Chat Online Form

CHAT FORM ANAARM ANA ARM TECHNOLOGIES Chat with your website visitors via their favourite channels including Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, and more. Get started here.

Folders Organiser

FOLDERS ORGANISER ANAARMEasily organise media, pages, posts, drag & drop on your WordPress website by using an elegant Folders Organiser. Get the plugin here.

Subscription Form

SUBSCRIBE FORM ANAARMA subscription form is a great tool for opting-in subscribers to your mailing list. Adding an opt-in form to your website is a great way to start collecting your visitor’s emails and improve your newsletter campaign. Download the plugin here.

Star Testimonial

STAR TESTIMONIAL ANAARMWhen Stars Testimonials are displayed on the homepage or on any part of a website, they often boost the credibility as well as the conversion rates of the website. With our Stars Testimonial plugin, you can easily add WordPress testimonials to your website and increase your social proof.

WP Sticky Elements

WP Sticky Elements ANAARMIf you desire to get more leads, then get WP Sticky Elements (myStickyelements) with a beautiful floating contact form and social icons including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, opening hours and more. Get the plugin here.

WP Sticky Menu

WP Sticky Menu ANAARMMake it convenient for your visitors to navigate your website using WP Sticky Menu (myStickymenu). When installed, the plugin quickly makes the header sticky as visitors scroll up or down. That way, the menu is always visible for website visitors and they can navigate easily. Download it here.

WP Sticky Sidebar

WP Sticky Sidebar ANAARMThe WP Sticky Sidebar (myStickysidebar) is a floating sticky element that sticks to your screen as you scroll. It works for all types of sidebar widgets. You can use it for product promotions, popular posts, social web, and so on. Get it here.


You are more likely to make your idea, your services and that product great on the internet when you use the right combination of elements as presented on this article.

Kindly contact us to get a quote and for more information.

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