Should I buy DC fans or AC fans?


Should I buy DC fans or AC fans?

Introduction: You wake up drenched in sweats at night. To most people, night sweats are unpleasant experiences. So, you are considering buying a fan to bring back the breeze so that you can get those indoor air quality (IAQ). But you are not sure whether to buy DC or AC fans.

This depends on several factors including the nature of power supply in your location, power consumption of the fan, cost of the fan, quiet operations, ease of maintenance, and speed options for control. Before we dive right into explaining these factors, there is one important thing to keep in mind: Availability of the fan in the local markets.

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Nature of power supply: DC fans can only be connected to DC power supply while AC power supply is for AC fans. In most situations, the power from public utility is AC which makes it attractive to have your electrical appliances rating in AC. But in some case where solar power is accessible, it is a wise decision not to convert to AC before running your fans because this would have wasted some power already harvested from sunlight. Instead, DC fans should be operated directly from the solar power to avoid wasting energy associated with DC-to-AC conversion,

Power consumption rating of DC vs DC fans: Generally, a DC fan consumes far less energy than the same capacity of an AC fan. In fact, a DC motor will consume 70% less energy than its AC counterpart will. Thus, DC fans are the best choice if you’re interested in saving on your monthly utility bills. It is apt to note that even when an AC fan does utilise more energy compared with a DC fan, it still don’t use much energy compared with other household appliances.

Cost of the fan: DC fans tend to be more costly compared with AC fans. AC fans are more wallet-friendly at the moment and we hope the cost of DC fans will equalise in no distant future. The reason why AC fans are pocket-friendly is that they are cheaper to produce. DC fans are relatively new. Thus, manufacturing the fans is still costlier.

Quietness in operation: DC fans offer the advantage of being extremely quiet. As a result, you will not hear noise from them besides the noise that the blade rotation produces. As a matter of fact, DC fans have managed to decrease the common fan humming sound by 80% or more. This makes a DC fan an exceptional option for a bedroom or any room that you would like to keep quiet.

Ease of maintenance: AC fans are easier to maintain compared to DC fans. Thus, when you choose an AC fan, you don’t have to worry about sudden repairs.

Speed options for control: DC fans provide more speed options that allow you to better control the movement of air. In fact, you can choose from as many as seven settings with a DC fan. This number is much higher than the three settings that come with AC fans.

Conclusion: Based on the above information, is it best for you to buy a DC fan or buy an AC fan for your home? The truth is, there is no black-and-white answer. It ultimately depends on your particular needs and preferences.

In summary, both DC and AC fans do a great job of keeping your space comfortable temperature-wise. Just make a decision based on relevant information and keep enjoying your brand new DC or AC fan.

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