SS 1 Exam Questions First Term


SS1 Exam Questions First Term

SS1 Exam Questions First Term covers subjects such as Agricultural Science, Biology, Commerce, Economics, etc

Agricultural Science Sample Exam Questions

To reduce rural-urban migration, the government should — WAEC 2022, Q1
A. establish commodity boards B. provide social infrastructure       C. establish tractor-hiring units D. provide extension services to farmers ANS (B).
A non-governmental organization involved in agricultural development in West Africa is — WAEC 2022, Q3
A. Operation Feed the Nation         B. River Basin Development Authority C. Agricultural Development Project        D. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture       ANS (D)
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Highlight five (5) importance of Agriculture to the industry. (Source: Ref WAEC 2012, Q1b)

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SS2 Biology 2nd Term to get started.

Biology Sample Exam Questions

Oxygen comes out of the stomata during photosynthesis through the process known as — WAEC 2020, Q23       
A. diffusion B. transpiration pull      C. osmosis D. active transport    ANS (A).
In which of the following levels of classification are the members most similar? WAEC 2013, Q1   
A. Order     B. Genus   C. Species D. Phylum ANS (C)
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Explain the term classification of living things. (Source: Ref WAEC 2017, Q1a [i])

Commerce Sample Exam Questions

Commerce started as a result of — WAEC 2021, Q1 A. competition B. distribution C. privatization D. Specialization ANS (B)
The factor of production which bear all the risks of the business is — WAEC 2020, Q5 A. capital B. entrepreneurship C. labour D. land ANS (B)
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Explain five ways commerce is important in the life of a nation. (Source: Ref WAEC 2021, Q1b)
Explain five ways in which commerce is important in the life of a nation. (Source: Ref WAEC 2016, Q1)

Economics Sample Exam Questions

The study of economics is important to every society because it — WAEC 2021, Q1
A. Enables individuals to satisfy all their wants.    B. Helps in the utilization of scarce resources.     C. Helps producers to know what to produce.                D. Restores equilibrium between producers and consumers.        ANS (B)
Which of the following is central to the definition of Economics? WAEC 2020, Q1
A. resources       B. wants                C. scarcity            D. capital              ANS (C)
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Give a reason on why Economics is a (i) science; (ii) social science. (Source: Ref WAEC 2009, Q3b)

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