JS3 Basic Technology 2nd Term


JS3 Basic Technology 2nd Term Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Basic Technology Second Term Scheme of Work by Topic

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I. Definition of friction II. Effects of friction III. Types of friction IV. Advantages and disadvantages of friction V. Methods of reducing friction VI. Belt and chain drive VII. Comparison of belt and chain drive with the gear drive

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SIMPLE ELECTRICAL WIRING | JS# Basic Technology 2nd Term

I. Basic knowledge in electrical wiring II. Wiring tools and materials – pliers, hammer, screwdriver, clips, wooden blocks, cables, etc III. Types of wires IV. Electrical circuits – series and parallel circuits,

I. Materials for house wiring II. Safety requirements in electrical wiring III. Electrical accessories – switches, lamp-holders, etc

BUILDING FOUNDATION | JS3 Basic Technology 2nd Term

I. Definition and functions of foundation II. Support and weight of walls and roofs III. Types of foundation, strip, stepped, raft IV. Types and properties of soil V. Hand tools and machines for excavation – diggers, shovels, excavator, etc, VI. Materials for making walls – grass, zinc, curtain, bricks VII. Types of walls – grass wall, zinc wall, curtain wall, bricks wall VIII. Materials for bonding

BUILDING FLOOR | JS3 Basic Technology 2nd Term

I. Meaning of floor II. Types of floors – basement, ground floor, first floor, etc III. Methods of construction of floor IV. Doors, windows and openings V. Types of doors – flush door, glazed door, sliding door, revolving door VI. Types of windows – louver, sliding, casement, Lintel

BUILDING ROOF | JS3 Basic Technology 2nd Term

I. Types of roofs – gable roof, hip roof, Dutch roof, mansard roof, flat roof, shed roof II. Roofing materials – grass, zinc, aluminium, etc III. Simple blueprint reading IV. Sanitary wares – sink, showers, etc, Soak-away, septic tank, socket, windows, doors, rooms, etc

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Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. John F. Kennedy, 35th US president
Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Malcolm Forbes, entrepreneur
If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice. Unknown

1. The type of floor suspended over a room is referred to as — floor. JSCE 2015 Q56


2. The type of maintenance carried out regularly to keep equipment or machines in a good working condition is known as ——- maintenance. JSCE 2016 Q29


3. Airflow can be generated by any of these means except JSCE 2016 Q16


4. An electric circuit is a systematic arrangement of — for the purpose of conducting current. JSCE 2015 Q50


5. A type of wall finishing in which mortar is splattered and smoothed on the wall is called JSCE 2016 Q18


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