SS2 Mathematics Lesson Notes

SS2 Mathematics Lesson Notes


SS2 Mathematics Lesson Notes cover First Term (1st Term), Second Term (2nd Term) and Third Term (3rd Term) scheme of work which were derived from the curriculum of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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Topics covered in the NERDC curriculum are listed below.
Theme 1 Number And Numeration
1. Logarithm
2. Approximations
3. Sequence and Series

Theme 2 Algebraic Process
1. Quadratic equation
2. Simultaneous linear and Quadratic Equations
3. Gradient of a Curve
4. Logical Reasoning (Revision)
5. Linear Inequalities
6. Algebraic Fractions

Theme 3 Geometry
1. Chord Property
2. Circle Theorems
3. Trigonometry

Theme 4 Trigonometry
1. Bearings
2. Measures of Central Tendency

Theme 5 Statistics
1. Measures of Dispersion
2. Histograms of Grouped Data (Revision)
3. Cumulative Frequency graph
4. Measures of central tendency for grouped data
5. Probability

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Enrolled: 28 students
Duration: 2,400 minutes
Lectures: 19
Level: SS 2
SS2 Mathematics Lesson Notes
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