SS1 Biology Lesson Notes

SS1 Biology Lesson Notes


SS1 Biology Lesson Notes cover First Term (1st Term), Second Term (2nd Term) and Third Term (3rd Term) scheme of work which were derived from the curriculum of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

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Topics covered in the NERDC curriculum are listed below.
Theme 1 Organization Of Life
1. Recognizing Living Things
1. Classification of Living Things – 1 Kingdoms: Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia
2. The cell
3. The Cell and its Environment
4. Some Properties and Functions of the Cell

Theme 2 The Organisation At Work
1. Tissues and Supporting Systems
2. Nutrition in Animals
Theme 3 The Organism And Its Environment
1. Basic Ecological Concepts
2. Functioning Ecosystem, Autotrophy and Heterotrophy – Food Webs and Tropic Levels
3. Energy Transformation in Nature
4. Relevance of Biology to Agriculture
5. Micro-organisms around us
6. Micro-organisms in action

7. Towards Better Health
8. Aquatic Habitat (Marine Habitat)
9. Aquatic Habitat (Estuarine Habitat)
10. Aquatic Habitat (Fresh Water Habitat)
11. Terrestrial Habitat (Marsh)
12. Terrestrial Habitat (Forest)
13. Terrestrial Habitat (Grassland)
14. Terrestrial Habitat (Arid Lands)
Theme 4 Continuity Of Life
1. Reproduction in Unicellular Organisms and Invertebrates

Revision of JSS 3 Work
Everything around us including humans are classified into two groups, namely living things and non-living things. Biology is the study of living things. Every living thing consists of at least a cell. A cell is the smallest unit of life.

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Enrolled: 117 students
Duration: 2,400 minutes
Lectures: 24
Level: SS 1
SS1 Biology Lesson Notes
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