PMP Questions and Answers for Executing Process Group



PMP Questions and Answers for Executing Process Group

How can someone achieve first attempt pass in PMI PMP certification exam? We all know the answer to that. PMP certification requires a good PMP study plan to pass the exam successfully. Practicing with the relevant PMP questions and answers in executing process group and other process groups before the exam is one of the steps.

Secondly, you have to stay positive and confident that you will pass. However, most times students fail in the PMI PMP exam because they do not prepare well for it. Others fail because of fear and tension. For you to overcome all these challenges you need to prepare yourself well for the PMP Project Management Professional exam.

Now let’s make you understand the PMP exam content outline. The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that outline the five process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing) and nine knowledge areas (Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communication, Risk, and Procurement).

PMP questions are designed in such a way that each question is related to a project management process (or knowledge area). If for any reason your answer is incorrect, we suggest you go back to the related project management knowledge area and re-read the topic to strengthen your knowledge. In that way, you would have grab all you need to know for each project management process you will see in the PMP Exam.

Our PMP practice questions will help you gain confidence and acquire the right attitude towards the PMP exam. Besides, they will prepare you psychologically and mentally to face the PMP exam and emerge victoriously.

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The aim of a project is to investigate the technical, economic and social feasibility of constructing a hydroelectric dam. The project charter is approved by the project sponsor. What is the next step to be performed?
A. Identify Risks
B. Develop Project Management Plan
C. Develop Project Charter
D. Identify Stakeholders’
Answer: Identify Stakeholders

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1. Executing > Integration Management > 4.4 Manage Project Knowledge
Senior leadership has returned from a conference where they have learned about the agile practice of retrospectives. Even though the organization does not manage any projects in an agile manner, they mandate that from now on this ceremony is included in all projects.
How should the outputs from the retrospectives be stored and managed?


2. Executing > Resource Management > 9.5 Manage Team
A project is behind schedule because department managers reassigned project team members to work on other assignments. After negotiations with the managers, you agreed to a temporary solution where a core group of project resources is dedicated to performing the project work until more resources are approved.
What conflict resolution technique did you most likely employ in this situation?


3. Executing > Resource Management > 9.1 Plan Resource Management
A servant leader has just been assigned to an upcoming product development project and believes that the project is well-suited to Kanban. However, the development team is unfamiliar with this approach.
What is the servant leader’s best course of action?


4. Executing > Quality Management > 8.2 Manage Quality
The project manager is managing the research and development of a new cancer screening test. The project manager would like to determine whether the processes currently in use in the project are effective in meeting the quality requirements specified by the customer.
What does the project manager need to obtain first to make this determination?


5. Executing > Stakeholder Management > 13.3 Manage Stakeholder Engagement
You are leading a large project that involves many stakeholders. You want to get two new team members up to speed with the overall dynamics of the project and engage effectively with the project stakeholders.
What should you do?


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