SS 2 Exam Questions First Term

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SS2 Exam Questions First Term covers subjects such as Agricultural Science, Biology, Commerce, Economics, etc

Agricultural Science
Sample Exam Questions

Potassium deficiency in cereal crops Is indicated by — WAEC 2022, Q17 A. browning of leaves Trom the tips and margins B. yellowing of younger leaves C. purpling of leaves D. white and irregular spots on leaves ANS (A)
The practice of measuring and mapping out the size, position and boundary of a farmland is called farm — WAEC 2019, Q8 A. layout B. business C. surveying D. tillage ANS (C)
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Explain the term communal land tenure system (Source: Ref WAEC 2012, Q2a)

Sample Exam Questions

The respiratory organ of a cockroach is — WAEC 2020, Q14 A. air sac B. trachea C. lung book D. lung ANS (B)
Muscle fatigue in the body of an athlete is due to — WAEC 2019, Q10 A. low pH B. high oxygen content C. accumulation of lactic acid D. accumulation of carbonic acid ANS (C)
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State three (3) features of the small intestine that increase the rate of absorption of digested food. (Source: Ref WAEC 2019, Q2a)

Sample Exam Questions

Speed is an important factor to be considered for the choice of means of transport where goods are — WAEC 2021, Q26 A. perishable B. interior C. fragile D. bulky ANS (A)
An objective of the European Union is to — WAEC 2021, Q47 A. eliminate drug addiction in member countries B. eliminate tariffs and quotas among member countries C. encourage migrant workers from developing countries D. fight against child abuse in developing countries. ANS (C)
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List four career opportunities available to a student of commerce. (Source: Ref WAEC 2019, Q1a)

Sample Exam Questions

An increase in the rice harvest, all things being equal, may cause — WAEC 2021, Q6 A. Price to increase substantially. B. Price to fall substantially. C. Demand to fall substantially. D. Farmer’s incomes to be more than doubled ANS (B)
The type of unemployment that occurs as a result of physical or mental disability of labour is known as — WAEC 2016, Q24 A. frictional unemployment B. structural unemployment C. cyclical unemployment D. residual unemployment ANS (D)
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Give a reason on why Economics is a (i) science; (ii) social science. (Source: Ref WAEC 2009, Q3b)

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