SS2 Economics Lesson Notes

SS2 Economics Lesson Notes

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SS2 Economics Lesson Notes cover First Term (1st Term), Second Term (2nd Term) and Third Term (3rd Term) scheme of work.

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Topics covered in the NERDC curriculum are listed below.
Theme 1 Principles Of Economics
1. Tools of Economic Analysis
2. Concept of Demand and Supply
3. The Production Possibility Curve
4. Cost Concepts
5. Revenue Concepts
Theme 2 Economic Systems
1. Types and Features of Economic systems
Theme 3 Population, Labour Market And Human Capital Development
1. Labour Market

Theme 4 Consumer Behaviour, Price Determination And Market Structures
1. Elementary treatment of Utility Theory
2. Price Determination
3. Market Structures
Theme 5 Nigerian Economy And Major Natural Resources
1. Industries in Nigeria
2. Agriculture
Theme 6 National Income And Public Finance
1. Elementary treatment of fiscal policy
2. Balanced and Unbalanced budget
3. Elements of National Income Accounting

Theme 7 Financial Institutions And Regulatory Agencies
1. Types of Financial Institutions and their functions View Content
Theme 8 Money And Inflation/Deflation
1. Money: Demand for and supply of money
2. Money: Inflation and deflation

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