Insurance Regulators


Topic: Insurance Regulators
Instructional Objectives – At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1 State three roles of National Insurance Commission. (SSCE 2018 Q4a)
2 Describe who is a loss assessor. (SSCE 2018 Q6a)

3 Explain three roles of a loss assessor. (SSCE 2018 Q6b)
4 State four functions of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria. (SSCE 2018 Q6c)
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5 List six experts that would require professional indemnity insurance in their operations. (SSCE 2018 Q7a)
6 Explain the cover provided by each of the following insurance policies: (i) personal liability (ii) public liability (ii) professional indemnity. (SSCE 2018 Q7b)

7 State five duties each of the following: (a) insurance brokers; (b) insurance-agents; (c) Nigerian Insurers Association (SSCE 2017 Q7)

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