Military Involvement in the Politics of West Africa


Topic: Military Involvement in Politics in West Africa
Learning Objectives: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1. Account for the coming of the military into Nigeria politics in 1966 (SSCE 1989, Q10).
2. Account for the frequent military coups in Nigeria (SSCE 1991, Q9).  

3. Give reasons for the military intervention in the politics of any one West African country (SSCE 1999, Q9).
4. Enumerate the causes of the 1975 military coup d’état in Nigeria (SSCE 2001, Q10).
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5. Give reasons for political instability in any one West African country after independence (SSCE 2002, Q8).
6. Explain military rule and list reasons why people reject military rule in West Africa (SSCE 2004, Q11).

7. State some reasons for the reluctance of military regimes to hand over power to civilian administration (SSCE 2008, Q10).
8. Explain the causes of the first military intervention in Nigeria politics (SSCE 2009, Q11).

9. Outline the ways of preventing military intervention in politics (SSCE 2011, Q10).
10. State the mechanism that should be put in place to forestall military intervention in politics (SSCE 2018, Q9).

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