Population of Nigeria


Topic: Population of Nigeria
Learning Objectives – At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1 Define the following terms as related to human population:(i) population explosion; (ii) death rate. (SSCE 2019 Q2a)
2 Explain five factors that influence death rate in Tropical Africa. (SSCE 2019 Q2b)

3 Outline three effects of a growing population in Tropical Africa. (SSCE 2019 Q2c)
4 Outline four ways in which urban settlements differ from one another. (SSCE 2018 Q2a)
Learn so well from SS2 Geography 2nd Term Online Classes.

5 Outline three factors that have contributed to the high population density in Japan. (SSCE 2018 Q2b)
6 State three problems resulting from the high population density Japan. (SSCE 2018 Q2c)

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