Topic: Industry
Instructional Objectives – At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1 Define manufacturing industries. (SSCE 2019, Q1a)
2 Outline four measures which can be used by governments in Topical Africa to encourage the growth of industries. (SSCE 2019, Q1a)

3 Explain five reasons for which industries should be established in rural areas of Tropical Africa. (SSCE 2019, Q1b)
4 Outline five factors which an industrialist will consider when locating a fruit canning industry. (SSCE 2019, Q8a)
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5 Explain five benefits derived from the concentration of manufacturing industries in urban centers. (SSCE 2019, Q8b)
6 Highlight three characteristics of manufacturing industries in Tropical Africa. (SSCE 2018, Q1a)

7 State three was by which manufacturing industries contribute to the economic development of ‘Tropical Africa. (SSCE 2018, Q1b)
8 Outline four problems facing industrial developments in Tropical Africa. (SSCE 2018, Q1c)

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