Solar Module Mount and Rack Systems



Solar Module Mount and Rack Systems

Mounting and racking solar panels is not always an attractive part of installing solar, but it is one of the most important considerations to protect your system as well as the integrity of your roof. Besides, solar module mount and rack systems are as important as the other main electronics or electrical components of the solar PV system. Also, the location of the solar panels should significantly determine the type of mount and rack systems to procure.
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Types of Solar Module Mount and Rack Systems

Not every mount and rack is used in all installations. Some are more suitable in one application than the other. Thus, there are different types of mounts and racks including roof mount and rack, ground mount and rack, pole mount and rack, etc. Some of the reasons highlighted below should make you place them on a high priority list.

Importance of Solar Module Mount and Rack Systems

Mounting and racking systems provide structural support for the solar panel (which is believed to be the second most expensive component of the solar PV system). Also, they provide a mechanism for keeping solar panels attached firmly and stably to the roof or any other structure. Therefore, remember that solar panels are only as good as the system they are mounted on. Below are the features of our solar module mount and rack systems.

Features of Solar Module Mount and Rack Systems

1. It has anti-theft protection. It has a LOCK-DOWN key for solar panels.
2. It is easily assembled/disassembled using only bolts and nuts and spanners.
3. It is portable. It can be packaged and transported to any location.
4. It can be customised such that its TILT ANGLE aligns with the LATTITUDE of the location for maximum power output.
5. It can accommodate a pair of solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Module Mount and Rack Systems

1. It prevents the possibility of damaging your roof during panel installation.
2. No extra cost of hiring/buying ladder/scaffold.
3. It is very suitable in camps, farm settlements, ranch, villages, etc
4. It provides easy access for the cleaning of solar panel glass surface.
5. It eliminates the need for a roofing expert.
6. It is convenient match with ALL-IN-ONE solar generator.
7. Tenants can now also install and use solar PV without interfering with landlord’s roof.

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