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With the advent of e-Learning, which was largely encouraged by the COVID-19 pandemic, digital classrooms are becoming increasingly attractive and sought-after by many school owners especially private school owners. However, the challenge is that digital classrooms often require constant and consistent power supply. How then can an effective digital classroom be realised in an environment where public power supply is epileptic? We recommend that any one who wants to make his or her investment in digital classroom worth the price should go for solar digital classroom.

There are several reasons why we believe this recommendation will provide a more efficient and effective digital classroom.

First, the essential gadgets commonly found in a digital classroom are large LED display screens, routers, laptops, DC-powered fans amongst others. Fortunately, many of these devices are not rated in the category of energy- guzzling equipment, which makes them appropriate for solar electricity.

Secondly, the usage period for such gadgets often coincides with the sunshine hours of the day, thereby making it possible to align the period of power generation with energy consumption. Students and teachers who are the primary users of the digital classroom may not necessarily be in school at night when sunlight is not available.

The general effect is that smaller battery size can be used to provide backup power for the solar digital classroom and this reduces the overall cost of the system. In some installations, when properly configured, solar inverters are not even required which further reduces the overall cost of the solar system.

At Ana Arm Technologies, we aim at encouraging solar digital classroom penetration in Nigeria especially for students living particularly in off-grid locations, underserved or marginalised areas. We hope this article has helped readers understand the benefits of having a solar digital classroom as against having only digital classroom and then relying on public power supply to make it run efficiently.

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