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What is Smart Learning?

Smart Learning or intelligent education includes new educational contexts in which the importance is focused on the students’ use of technology at their fingertips to acquire quality information. It does not only depend on the software and hardware available, but on how they are articulated in classes, online training or both and the redesign of learning environments that are more suitable for the current and following generations..

Before we proceed further, it is important to remind us that prior to the introduction of e-Learning, there were other teaching methods that dominated the education sector. Some of these teaching methods are listed below:

1. Problem solving method
2. Play way method
3. Story telling method
4. Lecture method
5. Discussion method
6. Field trip/excursion method
7. Assignment method
8. Project method
9. Demonstration method

Unfortunately for some of the traditional methods listed above, the teacher is often seen as dominating the classroom. Something similar to master-slave instruction giver. Many educators had wished that that approach should at least be used sparingly to avoid training a child who will eventually become. 

Now, e-Learning is leading the pack. The traditional methods of teaching and education methodologies, in which the instructor explains the subject in the classroom and the students complete the exercises at home, are replaced by new learning approaches such as distant learning (online tutorials), mobile learning (m-learning), personalized learning, flipped and blended learning, social collaborative learning, game-based learning, etc

Generally, e-Learning engenders smart learning and this in turn empowers learners to develop talents of wisdom that have better value orientation, higher thinking quality, and stronger conduct ability.

The smart learning vision should help to overcome the shortcomings of the current education methods and systems. To realize the smart education vision, we need to invest in a set of educational information and communication technologies such as quality and reliable internet service, constant power supply, etc.

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Author: Ana Arm

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