NTI PGDE Questions for Integrated Science

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for Integrated Science

NTI PgDE Questions for Integrated Science contains past questions and answers from the following years: 2017, 2015, 2014, etc

Year 2017

4) 4 Discuss five (5) of the missionary’s activities in the development of Science in Nigeria. (25 marks)

i. They introduce the rudiments of Science in the curriculum of school.
ii. They laid the foundation of Science teaching when they introduce Science time-table in some missionary Secondary Schools and teacher training colleges between 1861 and 1897.
iii. Science teaching progresses with the establishment of more missionary schools in Nigeria.
iv. The rudiment of Science at that time was Nature study that involved the teacher and pupils learning about the environment in form of out-door observation of plants, animals and non-living things.
v. They were three (3) major patterns in the establishment of post-primary institutions during this period. WIP715

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Year 2015

3 b) 3 b) Differentiate between Assimilation and Accommodation as learning concepts.

Assimilation: This occurs when a student recognizes a new situation that is familiar to the one of the elements in his existing structure of knowledge (i.e. cognitive structure) learner assimilated easily.
Accommodation: This occurs when a new situation (i.e. a new knowledge) is incompatible to the existing structure of knowledge (i.e. cognitive structure).
Learner first restructures (i.e. reorganizes), his cognitive framework (i.e. cognitive structure) in order to be able to accommodate the new knowledge.

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