First Semester Module


First Semester Module Download

First semester has 12 courses and all 12 of them have written exams. First Semester Module for each course is available for students to study and prepare well for the examinations
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PDE 701 History of Education (2 Units)

This module covers several topics some of which are
Early Educational Systems
Education in Sparta
Education in Athens
Education in Ancient Rome
Great Education Thinkers
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SS2 Biology 2nd Term to get started.

PDE 702 Developmental Psychology (2 Units)

This module has various topics such as
Basic Processes of Growth and Development
Factors that Affect Growth and Development
Theories of Personality Development
Theories of Cognitive Development
Socio-Emotional Development Theories
Adolescence Psychology
Stages of Human Development, etc.
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PDE 703 General Principles and Methods in Education

The topics covered in this module include
The Concept of Education
Teaching and the Teacher
The Classroom Communication Process, Learning Outcomes, Class Control and Discipline, etc
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PDE 704 Principles of Curriculum Design and Development (2 Units)

This module covers various topics including
Curriculum and Instruction
Major Concepts and Types of Curriculum
The Foundation of Curriculum
Curriculum Development Process
Definition and Meaning of Instruction
Special Methods of Teaching and Their Characteristics, etc
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