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Welcome to Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools. We create and provide e-Notes and Lesson Notes in Mathematics for students in JSS One, JSS Two and JSS Three. As we know, Mathematics is a core subject in junior secondary education. However, not too many students will like to embrace the subject willingly. In fact, some may even wish that the subject is not a compulsory one. But let’s even understand what the subject mathematics mean.

Define Mathematics: An elementary definition of mathematics is that it is a science that studies and explains numbers, quantities, measurements, and the relations between them.
It can also be defined as the science of numbers and their operations, interrelations, combinations, generalizations, and abstractions and of space configurations and their structure, measurement, transformations, and generalizations.

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From the above definition, it is obvious that Mathematics is part of our every life. It is difficult to separate our existence from Mathematics. Therefore, the only option that will benefit students is to embrace the subject. We always advice students not to assume or see the subject as a difficult one. The subject only appears to be what you assume it for. If you believe Mathematics is difficult, then it becomes so for you. However, if you make up your mind and study Mathematics like any other subject, you will soon be surprise that the subject is also easy as any other subject you are in love with. The subject requires constant practice 

The various topics in mathematics include algebra, arithmetic, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, number systems, fractions, simple equations, etc.

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