e-Classes: Your Distance e-Learning Solution

e-Classes for students and teachers in any location

At Ana Arm Technologies (anaarm.com), we provide e-Classes, digital classrooms or e-classrooms for students and teachers to enable them teach and/or learn any topic at the convenience of their locations. Be it school premises, home, library, etc, our online education is designed to suit their needs. Click here to jump start an e-class .

You may want to ask why should I consider an e-Class platform as an option for teaching or learning. There are several benefits for complementing your teaching and learning activities with an e-Class (e-Learning) platform.

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First but not the most important reason is that it reduces the stress involved in having to travel long distances to attend tutorial classes in order to learn. Also, some e-Classes are sometimes integrated with video and graphic instructional media that help teachers and students grasp more graphic and demonstrative details about a topic which may not have been possible in a physical classroom arrangement.

Another big benefit that may not be immediately obvious is that it bolster retention. This is because many learners often have preference for graphic illustration and video demonstration before they could understand a topic and/or subject. And e-Classes make this teaching technique realistic and practicable. Lastly but that does not in any way exhaust the list is that e-Classes gives you freedom to learn whatever you want. So, why not think of starting an e-Class for your school, your child or yourself today? Remember, time keeps moving and so e-Classes are moving along with the traditional four wall classrooms to improve teaching and learning process in the education sector.

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